Corporate Memberships

With no additional fees, Corporate Memberships offer additional discounts and benefits for your business and your employees. While a minimum of three employee members is required, each employee will qualify for the membership type best fit for them (General, Junior, Area, Social). All memberships include members of the immediate family.  Email [email protected] for more information.  

Discounts on Initation Fees

  • 3-5 Employees as Members: $700 off initiation fees for each membership.
    • (max of $1300 initiation fees, a minimum of $0 initiation fees if additional discounts apply). A stock purchase of $500 is required for each new membership.
  • 6 or more: initiation fees waived, pay stock purchase of $500 per membership.
  • Initiation discounts are only once we have 3 verified memberships.

$600 in Advertising

Up to $600 in advertising to Lochland Members. Placement options include (but not limited to):
  • Monthly Print Newsletter Forecast (4x5in size).
  • Inclusion in member emails: Monthly, weekly or daily
  • Promotion on our Facebook Page during use
Learn more about our advertising options > 

Waived Venue Fees

Waived rental fees (up to $250 per reservation) for meetings reserved by point of contact. Learn more about available rooms > 

Streamlined Billing

Billing can be consolidated and invoiced, with just Dues, or Dues & Capital Fees, or Dues, Capital Fees, and additional purchases. Eliminates reimbursing their individual employees, and makes employee incentives easy.

Golf Events

If the business sponsors golfing events, will qualify for the lowest event rate, regardless of event size.

Out-of-Town Clients & Employees

Out-of-town clients and employees visiting Hastings have limited access to membership benefits. Business must provide information to Lochland for them to be added to the account as a guest.

  • Clubhouse - may dine when business contact makes reservations.
  • Golf - qualifies for rounds as a sponsored guest (member does not need to be present). Simulator access based on availability - must call Golf Shop.
  • Pool and tennis - use of facilities with no additional charge or frequency limits.