Dinner Menu

4 pm-9 pm Tuesday-Saturday. All items are available for carryout.
Call 402-462-4151 to order, or make reservations.


Bourbon Brisket Burnt End Loaded Fries 18
French Fries topped with Angus brisket burnt ends, bourbon glaze, white cheddar cheese sauce, and roasted red peppers.

Chicken Wings 16
(breaded or naked)
One pound of chef-dusted or naked wings, tossed with a choice of one sauce: Buffalo, Carolina BBQ, BBQ, or Parmesan Garlic. GF* DF*

Cajun Swordfish Bites 14

Pieces of Cajun seasoned, hand-breaded swordfish fried and served with a side of Cajun remoulade.

Beef Tenderloin Steak Bites 15
Seasoned beef tenderloin bites in a veal demi glaze. GF

Korean BBQ Steak Bites 15 Seasoned beef tenderloin bites in a veal demi glaze. GF

Coconut shrimp 15

Four coconut-breaded shrimp served with a choice of red pepper jelly or warm marinara sauce. DF*

Hummus Bowl 10

Cup of hummus served with vegetables and cauliflower crustinis. GF

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 17

Five jumbo shrimp, with lemon and cocktail sauce. GF DF


Soup Du Jour bowl 7 cup 6

French Onion soup 10
slow caramelized onions, red and white wine, chicken and beef stock, herbs and garlic. served with toasted crostini & melted cheeses bowl. DF* GF*

Lochland Chili
bowl 10 cup 7
spicy ground beef chili with tomato, vegetables, and beans. GF* DF*

Side Items

Seasonal risotto GF
Mashed potatoes GF
Wild rice GF DF
Baked potato GF DF*
Cheesy potatoes
Cup of soup
Caesar salad GF*
Garden salad GF* DF*
Shredded Brussels sprouts
with bacon GF DF*
Grilled asparagus GF DF
Green beans almondine GF DF
Broccoli and cheese GF* DF*


Add-ons: chicken 7. beef tips 9, salmon 10, three seared shrimp 9, lobster tail 18

Caesar Salad Full 12 Petite 8
Crisp romaine tossed with housemade croutons, parmesan cheese, fresh lemon, cracked peppercorn and caesar dressing.

Fuji Apple Spinach Salad Full 16 Petite 10
Baby spinach, flame roasted fuji apples, chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, and feta cheese, served with apple cider vinaigrette.

LCC garden salad Full 12 Petite 8
The classic lcc salad of mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, black olive and croutons. DF GF*

Strawberry Sensation Salad full 17 petite 11
Mixed greens, fresh strawberries, toasted almonds, feta cheese, and grilled chicken, served with poppyseed dressing.

Spinach Salad Full 12 Petite 8
Young spinach, peppers, feta and hazelnuts. GF DF*

Wedge salad 10
Iceberg lettuce topped with bacon, tomatoes, and bleu cheese crumbles. DF* GF*

Club Favorites

Chicken Tenders Full 15 Petite 12
Hand-breaded chicken tenderloin strips, served with choice of honey mustard, BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce or ranch. Full includes five chicken strips, petite includes three. Served with one side.

Chicken Alfredo 14
Grilled and sliced chicken breast served over a bed of Fettuccine and Alfredo sauce. Served with slice of garlic bread.

Chicken Fried Steak Regular 18 Petite 15
9 oz steak breaded and fried, smothered with country gravy. Served with two sides.

French Dip Full 17 Petite 12
Shaved prime rib, melted Swiss, and caramelized onions. Served with au jus. Served with one side. DF*

Lochland Burger 15
Half pound of midwest-raised certified hereford beef, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and choice of cheese on brioche bun. Served with one side. DF*

Meatsaball 14
Giant 8oz pork and beef meatball made with romano and parmesan cheeses, served over spaghetti and marinara. Served with a slice of garlic bread.

Pot Roast Regular 14 Petite 9
Generous portion of slow-roasted beef chuck in gravy with mashed potatoes. Served with one side. GF*

Quesadilla 12
Grilled tomato basil flour tortilla, loaded with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, bell peppers, and onion. Served with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole.

Chicken 6
Seasoned ground beef 6
Shrimp 8
Lobster 18

Shrimp Scampi 20
Garlic buttery pan-seared shrimp, on a bed of linguine and topped with seasoned bread crumbs. Served with a slice of garlic bread.

Main Entrees

Beef Shortribs 32
Sous Vide beef short ribs in a veal demiglaze. Comes with two sides. DF GF

Seared Salmon 30
Seared Canadian wild caught salmon, topped with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. GF

Duck Confit 36
Duck hind quarters slow cooked in duck fat and seared crispy in a hot pan. Comes with choice of two sides and served with a side of plum sauce DF GF

Grilled Swordfish 29
8oz swordfish steak grilled to perfection, served with two sides. DF GF

Herb crusted walleye 32
10oz walleye fillet, seared and topped with an herb bread crumb crust. Served with two sides.

Spicy Plum glazed Pork Chop 26
Slow-smoked bone-in porkchop, glazed in a spicy plum sauce, garnished with green onion. Served with two sides. DF GF

Vegetarian Lasagna 19
Al dente pasta, red and yellow peppers, broccoli and carrots along with real ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and romano cheeses and a bread crumb crust. Served with garlic bread.

Prime Cuts

Ribeye and Strip Steaks receive 21 days of wet aging and are then prepared for 27 days of dry aging in our own meat locker.
All cuts are seasoned just before grilling with lower sodium kosher salt and black pepper. All served with two sides.

Cut Selections

Angus filet 24 4oz certified
Angus filet 40 8oz certified
Angus ribeye 48 14oz dry aged certified
Hereford strip steak 33 12oz dry aged certified
Salmon 26 Wild Canadian


Oscar 8
Blue Cheese Crusted 6 blue cheese and panko crusted cut, atop spinach, mushroom, red peppers. 
Bearnaise 5
Caramelized Onions 3 DF GF
Sauteed Mushrooms 3 GF
Peppercorn sauce 5

All cuts are flame grilled to your specification. Cast iron blackened to your specification upon request.

Rare; Cool center.
Medium Rare; Red warm center.
Medium; Pink center.
Medium Well; Slightly pink center.
Well; No pink center - fully cooked.




Chocolate Chip Cookie and Milk Cake 9
Two layers of vanilla wafer and chocolate chip cake separated by a creamy layer of milk mousse, topped with a chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips.
Seasonal Creme Brulee 12
Seasonal Cheese Cake 12 
Seasonal Crumble 10
Banana Split 10
Banana, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, cherries, chopped nuts, served with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream
Kahlua Freeze 7.50
Irish Coffee 7.50
White Russian 7

Grand Marnier 7.50 order neat or on the rocks, with a coffee
Rumchata 6.50