Lochland Country Club Golf Credit Policy

  • All credit, either purchased as a gift certificate or won through club events, will be issued to an Active Member Account or a Golf Guest Account.
  • All credit issued in an Active Member account will not have an expiration date and will not be subject to a service charge.
  • All credit issued to a Golf Guest Account after January 1, 2020, will have an expiration date of December 31 of the year it was issued.
  • All credit issued to Golf Guest Accounts before December 31, 2019, will be assessed a service charge of $50 per year starting December 31, 2020. All remaining credit issued before December 31, 2019 will be expired on December 31, 2021.
  • Credit can be transferred between Active Member Accounts. Credit cannot be transferred in or out of Golf Guest Accounts. However, credit can be used to purchase gift certificates and can be reissued following the above policy.
    • Active Member Accounts: General, Social, Area, Junior, Employee with Member benefits. *Member in good standing.
    • Golf Guest Accounts: Inactive, Collections, Demit, Pass Program Participants, Golf Guests, Employees without Member Benefits.