Lochland Match Play 2021

  • Sign up before May 17, play begins May 24
  • $40 per player

This is a fun event for men and ladies; it is a great opportunity to play and meet new people! Match Play round-robin with in each ‘pool’ followed by single elimination bracket play. Just like the Dell Match Play Championship on the PGA Tour! The top 2 finishers from each pool will then move to the bracket play. If there is a tie in record, the person with the greater (+/-) ratio will advance.

Top 4 will earn credit. Matches will be set up by the competitors, but they must be completed according to a specified schedule. The Championship Matches will be determined by the end of September.



  • Registration Deadline May 17th
  • First Day of Play – May 24th
  • Pool Play Deadline – July 19th (3 matches in 8 weeks)
  • Single elimination bracket deadline – September 6th (3-4 matches in 7 weeks)