Food Minimums At Lochland

All memberships will be required to spend a minimum per month on food. Those who do not accumulate enough purchases in food in the Clubhouse, Player’s Lounge, Pool Cafe, or via carryout will be billed for the difference (or in full, if no food has been purchased). Minimums may not be rolled into new months.

Any payment method may be used (cash, credit, or member charge, etc) and count toward your minimum. The best way to track your spending is to account it on your own terms. You can verify your status any time by calling the clubhouse at 402-462-4151, or logging into the website and visiting


  • Events in which no tickets are purchased, but have special menu selections (including but not limited to Holiday Buffets, Family Nights, Poolside Grill Outs, July 3rd VIP Bands, etc).
  • Private events (if you are hosting an event with banquet food service), or if you order off a menu and pay for your meal at a private event.
  • Food items in Player’s Lounge.


  • Beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic).
  • Events which include food in the ticket (package) price, but also include alcohol or entertainment (including but not limited to Ladies’ Night Out, Halloween Party, Cooking Classes, etc).
  • Food purchased from Burger stand, sno-cone machines, or any other booth/setup not normally available.
  • Guests who pay their own ticket in the clubhouse, will not have their purchase count toward the minimum of the accompanying member. 
  • Tax and gratuity added to meal tickets.