Instruction and Fittings

The proper form and clubs make a big difference in your game. Our Golf Pros are here to help! With their expertise in coaching proper form, and our new technologies to read your swing, we can guarantee you will see an improvement in your game (with a little practice too, of course!)

Golf Fittings and Lesson Opportunities

Golf Fittings

The appropriate golf club makes a huge difference in your game. Our Golf Pros analyze data and build a club that fits your numbers to optimize performance.

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Golf Lessons

Golf lessons are available to all regardless of skill level. With price options for our Head Pro and Assistant Pro, our team is sure to kick your game up a notch!

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Indoor Golf

We'll help keep your scores low, and your drives long by keeping the tee-times open year-round with Indoor Golf! Located in the Pool Café during the fall through spring seasons.

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